20 FOR 20 – #6

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20 Posts for 20 Years Series – Post #6

Partnerships. The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus tells us the synonyms related to the word partnership are alliance, collaboration, connection, cooperation, relationship. We believe one very important word is missing: friendship. Over the last 20 years we have created partnerships across the Greater Washington Metropolitan region; however, most importantly, we have sprouted and fostered friendships.

These friendships include, but are not limited to, all the Program Locations we have delivered our Life Skills Experience classes at over the years, each and every recreation center we’ve visited, the schools who deliver our National School Program curriculum, the after-school programs in which young people are exposed to The First Tee DRIVE program, and all the groups, girl-centered or not, who have helped aid in exposing the young women in our LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program to more than golf.

One story of a continued partnership is our longstanding friendship with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. Their programming out of Jelleff Recreation Center has been a consistent partner of ours for years. Three times a year, their young people join us for our Life Skills Experience Curriculum at Rock Creek Golf Course. While doing so, they have formed a fondness for Coach Ted and he for them.

We are grateful for all the partnerships we’ve created, but more so, for all the friendships we’ve fostered over the last 20 years.

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