Car Talk

Spring II 2018


PLAYer: Showing Respect and Courtesy Toward Others
What is The First Tee Code of Conduct?
How do show respect on the golf course?
How do you show respect at school? Home? With friends?
How were your courteous in class?
What are some important parts of your set-up while swinging?
Why is it important to have good set-up while swinging?
Par: Exploring the Game
What techniques that you use in golf can you apply to your other interests?
How can the “process” of getting ready to swing be applied to school work?
What does GAME stand for?
How can you use GAME in golf and outside of golf?
Birdie: Dreams and Goals
What is the difference between a dream and goal?
How can your goals help you reach your dream?
Did you have any goals for today’s class?
What are some of your dreams in golf? In life?
Eagle: Stay Well for Life
What do you enjoy most about golf?
How does using the tool GAME help create wellness?
How can using a goal ladder help with creating wellness?
What does Wellness mean to you?

Week 2

PLAYer: Responsibility for the Course
How can you show responsibility on the golf course?
How can you be responsible with your equipment?
Give example of how to to be responsible at home?
Par: Respecting the RulesWhy is body balance important?
How can a balanced finish affect your swing?
What is a rule?
Why is respecting the rules on a golf course important?
How can you respect the rules off the golf course? At home? At school?
Birdie: Positive and Important Goals
Why is it important to look at the positives? In golf or outside of golf
Why is having a balanced swing important?
Was it hard listing positive things about your golf game? If yes, why do you think so?
Why is important to state a goal positively?
Eagle: Building a Go-To Team
Why is having a balanced swing important?
Who are some of the members of you go-to team?
What will your go-to team members help you achieve?
What is the importance of having a go-to team?


PLAYer: The Honesty of PLAYers and Living with Integrity
What is honesty?
What is integrity and how can you practice it?
How does your length of motion affect the ball?
How did you use honesty in class today?
How can you use honesty and integrity on the golf course? Off the golf course?
Par: Meeting and Greeting with ALR
What did you learn about using different clubs while chipping from the same spot?
What are some different clubs that you can use to chip with?
What are the 5 steps for meeting something new?
What does A-L-R stand for?
Birdie: Goals Specific and Under your Control
Have participants state a golf and non-golf goal and elaborate how having a solid plan can help in achieving your goals.
What are some things that are out of your control while trying to achieve a goal?
What is the first step in coming up with a plan to complete a project at school?
Eagle: Appreciating Diversity
Describe a way that your golf game is different than most of the other participants.
Why do you feel that diversity is a good thing in school, workplace, golf?
Why do you feel stereotyping is a bad thing?


PLAYer: Modeling Sportsmanship
How did you show sportsmanship in class?
Is where you want to ball to end up always the target? Why or why not?
How to you show sportsmanship in a non-sport environment?
Par: Having Fun while You Learn
How can you have more fun on the golf course?
How does being positive lead you to having more fun both on and off the golf course?
How can asking for help lead you to having more fun at home or at school?
Birdie: Setting Different Types of Goals
What would happen if we didn’t set a goal and just acted spontaneously?
What are the three types of goals and the differences between them?
Eagle: Dealing with Conflicts
What is a conflict?
What’s the best way to approach a conflict?


PLAYer: Developing Confidence and Playing with Perseverance
Ask participants to explain how confidence and perseverance relate to each other.
How can you build confidence at school?
Discuss situations that you will have to show perseverance on the golf course.

Par: Staying Cool: The 4 R’s
How do you select your target out on the golf course?
Why is understanding distance to your target important?
What are the 4 R’s?
How do you used them on the golf course?
How can you use the 4 R’s off the golf course?

Birdie: Getting to your Goal
How can using a goal ladder help you achieve your goal?
What is an example of a goal ladder?
Why is it important to have a good tempo while chipping and pitching?

Eagle: Be a Go-To Person
How are you a go-to person for someone?
Were you a go-to person today in class?
Why is it important to have a good tempo while chipping and pitching?
Were you able to establish your personal rhythm while chipping/pitching? 


PLAYer: Using Good Judgment
What is judgment? Good judgment?
How can you use good judgment on the golf course? At home? At school?

Par: Personal Par
What is Personal Par?
How can you use Personal Par on the golf course? at school?

Birdie: Dealing with Challenges
How do you deal with challenges?
What are some challenges you face in school? On the golf course?

Eagle: Planning for the Future
Have you thought about your plans for the future?
What are some things you need to do to help you plan?