Car Talk

Car Talk are questions based on classes so parents can talk to their children to start a conversation about what they have learned in class.


PLAYer: Showing Respect and Courtesy Toward Others

  • What are some things you should when meeting someone for the first time?
  • How do you show respect at home? School? On the golf course?
  • Why is it important to “Get ready to Swing”? What do you do to get “Ready to Swing”


Par: Exploring the Game

  • Tell me about the opportunity to explore your GAME today?
  • Discuss something you are exploring outside of golf.
  • Review yardage book assignment for next week.
Birdie: Dreams and Goals

  • What are some of the golf goals you have this spring?
  • Who has a dream in life they would like to share?
  • How do you plan to attain or accomplish that dream?
Eagle: Stay Well for Life

  • What comes to mind with the word “Wellness”?
  • How can we exercise “Wellness” in our lives?
  • What did Player notice about club selection while pitching and chipping?

Week 2

PLAYer: Responsibility for the Course

  • Discuss some ways you can be responsible on the golf course.
  • Someone talk about how they are going to show responsibility at home/school.
  • How did the size of your swing affect your shot?


Par: Respecting the Rules

  • Share one story about how respecting the rules have helped you.
  • Share one story when you did not respect the rules and how it affected you afterward.
  • Discuss the importance of being in balance thru the entirety of your golf swing.
Birdie: Positive and Important Goals

  • Talk about a very important goal you have for the upcoming golf season.
  • What methods are you going to use to achieve the goal?
  • Good balanced is important in golf. Tell me what good balance in life means to you?
Eagle: Building a Go-To Team

  • Talk about members of your go-to-team as it pertains to golf
  • Why is it important to have a go-to-team?
  • Discuss a situation where you may want the advice of your go-to-team.


PLAYer: The Honesty of PLAYers and Living with Integrity
Par: Meeting and Greeting with ALR
Birdie: Goals Specific and Under your Control
Eagle: Appreciating Diversity


PLAYer: Modeling Sportsmanship
Par: Having Fun while You Learn
Birdie: Setting Different Types of Goals
Eagle: Dealing with Conflicts


PLAYer: Developing Confidence and Playing with Perseverance

Par: Staying Cool: The 4 R’s

Birdie: Getting to your Goal

Eagle: Be a Go-To Person


PLAYer: Using Good Judgment

Par: Personal Par

Birdie: Dealing with Challenges

Eagle: Planning for the Future